It’s an exciting month here at Life Remembered!  I recently added flush mount albums to my A La Carte Design offerings, and today I am pleased to announce that I am also expanding my design styles.  From now on, you can choose between “Simple Elegance” and “Storyteller” when commissioning an album with me.


What is the difference between the “Simple Elegance” line and the “Storyteller” line?

“Simple Elegance” albums emphasize the photography itself, letting the photos speak for themselves. Page backgrounds are solid colors, usually white or black. It is common to see a single photo spread across an entire page, with smaller photos on the other half of the spread. While I still do not use templates, there is a generally consistent feel to the layouts. Captions are very rare.

“Storyteller” albums have more visual details added to the photos. I incorporate patterned backgrounds, borders, frames, and “embellishments” (small illustrations). This style resembles a traditional scrapbooking aesthetic, but is less elaborate. Each Storyteller album has a very different feel than the next.

What kind of albums are best suited for Simple Elegance?

Photos from professional photographers generally look best in Simple Elegance albums, especially wedding photos. The images tend to have a similar visual feel, so they are cohesive. They have a higher resolution, so single photos can spread comfortably across a page. And they usually tell their own “story”, of a special day or time in family’s life.

Can I still upgrade to leather covers or a flush-mount album with Simple Elegance?

Yes! The two lines refer only to the design process, and they can be produced with all the same features.

Is there a price difference?

Simple Elegance albums have a lower price point than Storyteller albums, because I am able to be more efficient in my design process and don’t need to purchase additional graphic materials. Extra albums (parent copies, for example) have no price difference.

Where can I see examples?

StorytellerExampleAn excellent comparison can be found in the Bellatrix albums. “Waiting for Bellatrix” is the story of my pregnancy with her, and it is classic Storyteller. Observe all the patterned digital “papers” and shapes I used, plus the journaling.

Contrast this to my “Shamblins 2014” album here. It picks up approximately where Bella’s maternity book left off, but it is a clear example of Simple Elegance. White backgrounds, no shapes, no patterns, very little text.

Either style will leave you with a beautiful album you can treasure for years to come. Please contact me if you’re not sure which style is right for you!

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