How long have you been planning to "do something" with your photos?
Maybe you planned to make a book yourself.

Maybe you couldn't afford the album from your photographer.

Maybe you’d rather be making new memories than documenting them.

And now your photos gather metaphorical dust on your hard drive!

I can get those photos off your computer - AND your To Do list.
Wanna make your mom cry? (in a good way, of course)

Need a special gift for a special birthday or anniversary?

Try handing someone a custom photo book of their lives, or making them the star of their own movie.

I don’t offer an actual money-back guarantee of tears, but I do have a 100% success rate so far. I’m just saying.
Planning a unique wedding based on your life, not just your initials?

How about a guestbook you'll actually read someday? Skip the boring list of names with a yearbook-style album.

What about an awesome reception slideshow that tells your "How We Met" story with style?

Yeah. I can do that.
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Custom Slideshow and Album Design

You send me your photos, I send you something awesome

Custom album design

Looking for a unique touch to take your celebration to the next level? Send me your photos and video clips, and I’ll design you an amazing slideshow that will keep your guests talking for years. Birthday parties, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners – these events are crying out for a montage. But, like, an AMAZING montage, so please step away from the PowerPoint.

If you're ready to finally get this done, let's get started! Contact me to start a conversation, or simply sign up for my newsletter to get exclusive client discounts.

Memories on your Coffee Table
... Not Your Hard Drive

Already have a hard drive full of cool photos, plus the best intentions to get them into an album “someday”? Today is the day! You send me your photos, I send you a printed photo book with a custom album design. Yes, like Shutterfly, but much nicer, trust me. My classic client is a bride who got married 3-4 years ago, and has nothing but a dusty DVD of JPGs to show for it. Let me make you the wedding album you deserve!

Custom Slideshows

Album and Slideshow Products