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Genuine Excitement for a Big, Fake Wedding
I am super excited to announce that I’ve been chosen as a vendor for the New England Big Fake Wedding!
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Making Busy Backgrounds Work for You
I felt a certain amount of pressure to come up with a really amazing baby book for my daughter, considering
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Craft My Wedding 2015
We had a wonderful time at Craft My Wedding this weekend!  My amazing husband helped with the booth and ran herd
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5 Tips for Creating a Tribute Photo Book
5 Tips for Creating a Tribute Photo Book
Looking to create a special photo album for someone’s milestone birthday?  Consider making it a tribute album by including letters from friends and family
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Olivia’s First Day: Baby Montage
My niece was born yesterday!  Her name is Olivia Marie, and she is just precious.  I made this montage as
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Work with what you have: Creating wedding albums from incomplete photo sets
Work with What You Have: Creating Wedding Albums from Incomplete Photo Sets
Today I want to talk about an interesting challenge in wedding album design – the incomplete set of photos.  In this
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Wedding Album: The Hogans
The Hogans held a grand wedding, full of flowers and twinkling December lights!  The bride requested a “white and gold glam”
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Storytelling Photography Tips from Live Snap Love
One of my favorite photography blogs, Live Snap Love, recently did a guest post on Click It Up a Notch,
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Google is worried about your photo collection
Well, not just yours, of course.  They’re worried about our entire generation’s collection of photos and other data, saying we could
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