When you commission professional portraits, you deserve professional products.

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Heirlooms Meant to Last

Why Quality Prints Matter

I create complete works of art for my clients – prints and products are a key part of being a full-service photographer. I spent months selecting excellent artisans and printers, with precision coloring and archival inks, featuring museum-grade papers and fine Italian leathers.

I ordered samples – so many samples. I toured production facilities to check out the machines and craftspeople. I visited the US base of operations for my Italian album makers and felt the leathers myself, scrutinized the papers, analyzed the boxes. I was my usual obsessive research-crazy self, only more so, because my reputation is on the line. Heirloom products are a big factor for many parents when choosing a newborn photographer, and they should be. I want you to be ecstatic about your products. Thrilled. Amazed by items you haven’t seen anywhere else. This is how that happens.

* Please note: some of the images on these product pages are promotional art from the printers, featuring work by other photographers.

Choosing Your Portraits

How do you like your art?



Want to make sure you don’t miss an image? Tell your family’s story in a custom-designed album.

Wall Art

Wall Art

Want to smile at your portraits every day as you walk through the living room? Wall Art is for you.

Tabletop Display

Tabletop Display

Not much room on your walls? Tabletop Displays fit neatly into your life.

Cards and Announcements

Cards and Announcements

Ready to share your family’s joy with the world? Check out custom greeting cards and announcements.

What kind of newborn photography products?

I am creating once-in-a-lifetime pictures for you, and that is a multi-step process. It involves consultations, lighting, props, posing, culling, editing, preparations for print, final production, and installation. Each of these steps contributes to the final work of art, which is why I make sure they are done right. I don’t want to sell incomplete products – my clients deserve more. This is why you will find a focus on physical products on my site.

But can you “get the digitals”? Yes. It’s the 21st century! Digital files are available for purchase on a sliding scale, based on your product purchase. They are also accompanied by a custom mobile app with your entire gallery. It’s perfect for sharing on social media and showing off to anyone who indicates a mild interest in your children!

Newborn Photography Packages

Where the Magic Happens

Now you’ve seen the images in my portfolio, and what they look like when finished in albums, displays, and wall art. Next, take a peek behind the scenes and see where the magic happens.

Check out my studio

"The studio itself if beautiful, warm and peaceful. All the props, outfits and accessories you could want for a photo are available and kept meticulously clean."
~ Norah