Minneapolis Baby Photography Studio

A peaceful setting for a peaceful session


This is my dream baby photography studio, and I am grateful for it every day.

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A peaceful atmosphere was the most important element for me as I planned the studio. Parents and babies alike should feel relaxed and ready to create some gorgeous photos. I wanted comfortable chairs for exhausted new parents and a fully-stocked changing table for the little ones. Best of all, it needed to house my extensive props, wraps, accessories, and backdrop collections!

What do you think?

A fully-stocked studio with everything at my fingertips helps sessions go quickly and easily, with great results. I’ve worked hard to create the best environment I can imagine, so that I can do my best work and deliver truly stunning portraits (although I am also happy to come to your home). It’s all part of being a full-service photographer. To see what else is included in a full-service experience, have a look at my Investment page:

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"Her in-home studio is well set up for both mama and baby, and she is really understanding of newborns' schedules in terms of feedings, diaper changes, sleepiness etc. I really enjoyed the photo shoot!"
~ Shana