newborn photographer packages
newborn photographer packages
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Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

A full-service, boutique newborn photography experience

"Rebecca has an amazing gentle, caring nature that instantly sets you at ease. Her passion for the photos shows through with every pose."
~ Norah

Searching for a newborn photographer can feel overwhelming. After all, it’s a specialty within a specialty within a specialty. You need someone experienced and trained in both photography and handling tiny babies. More importantly, you need someone who loves both of those things. It’s not enough to simply have the skills – a good newborn photographer has the heart.

That’s me. I have adored babies since I was a preschooler, begging my mother for a baby sister. I spent years working in childcare, even specializing as a nanny for babies. I’ve always known how beautiful they are, and now, after hundreds of hours of study and practice, I also know how to translate that beauty to a photograph.

Your newborn photographer may be the first non-family member who even holds your baby outside of a hospital.
As a mother myself, I understand the trust you place in me, and I’m excited to see what we can create together!


Newborn Photographer Welcome Packet

It’s more than a PDF and a copy-pasted “Let me know!”

We will have actual spoken conversations about what you’re looking for. You will be invited to my studio for a personal tour, and have the opportunity to explore props, backgrounds, and accessories. You can see and hold real products in your hands – actually touch that Italian leather, or understand what a 30×40″ premium canvas looks like on the wall. My work speaks for itself, so there is no pressure, no “hard sell”, and no obligations. After booking, I will mail you a Welcome Packet with everything you need to know for your session.

Life Remembered Newborn Photographer Studio

It’s sitting back to relax in a professional studio.

The only thing you need to do on the Big Day is get your baby here. No running around your house cleaning for a guest, stashing dirty laundry in the closet or wondering if you should vacuum. No worrying about how to dress the baby or where that cute headband went. Simply show up. My studio will be ready and waiting, stocked with everything we could possibly need, plus chocolate. Kick back in my guest armchairs and enjoy not being responsible for anything or anyone for a few hours. Or schedule an in-home session if studio is not your style!

Newborn Photographer Torn Edge Print

It’s getting customized products that are right for you.

Our consultations will help me understand how you most appreciate photography in your daily life, whether it’s on the walls or on your coffee table. These details help me guide our session to create just the right photos. After I have selected and edited the finest images, you will be invited back to my studio for an ordering session. Together, we can decide how best to showcase your portraits. Finally, I will work with carefully chosen artisans and companies to produce only the highest-quality heirlooms, then hand-deliver them to your door.

A boutique newborn photographer creates a relationship with you.

Ready to get started?

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