My FAMILY Photography Studio

A peaceful setting for a

Peaceful session 

Sit Back & Relax

Parents and children alike love relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere in my family photography studio. There are comfortable chairs for exhausted new parents and a fully-stocked changing table for little ones. Best of all, the studio features my extensive props, wraps, accessories, and backdrop collections!

Accessories Corner

This area is by far my favorite spot in the studio. It makes me smile every time I look at it!

Bonnets & Bloomers

Below the headbands are my mohair baby bonnets and bloomer sets. So soft! Most newborn babies are visually overwhelmed by clothing, which is why we photographers so often prefer a “natural” (i.e., naked) or wrapped look. But these sets are a wonderful way to capture timeless photos and keep baby covered at the same time.

Handmade Headbands

Most of my favorite headbands and tiebacks are handmade (I have an Etsy problem, I admit it). My favorite aesthetic is a natural one, with jute bands and tiny flowers in colors found in nature. The tieback form factor is more flexible so they can be used on young ones of all sizes, and even tucked around a sleeping baby’s head without them noticing!

Floofy Dresses

On the right is a cute little French provincial mirror, perfect for last-minute touch-ups before parent photos. And finally, some lacy frills and tiny suits for dressing up little sweethearts. 

Cozy Wraps

And at the bottom, a selection of wraps for keeping baby cozy and secure. I aim for natural fabrics with an extra-soft touch … exactly what I would want for my own baby. Wraps are a wonderful trick for settling down a baby who is feeling fussy during a session!

Backdrops & Posers

I can choose from various wooden backdrops for corner shots, or pull down one of my seamless paper and canvas backdrops for different looks. I have also invested in professional newborn photography studio posers, which ensure that babies don’t sink too far into soft fabrics. 

Pro Lighting

Good lighting is essential for a baby photography studio. You can see my Jinbei light in the corner, one of my great splurges. It’s the only constant light in the world that can provide such a high wattage. Why should that matter to you? Because it allows me to shoot without using a flash. I researched lighting extensively before investing, and I came away still uncomfortable with the idea of flashing bright lights into little eyes. I have wonderful natural light in my studio, thanks to the north-facing windows, but I wanted professional lighting to allow me to shoot in any season, in any weather. Enter my Jinbei, traveling here from across the world!

Custom Shelving

I spent weeks discussing design concepts and the best ways to store and display my things, especially the cloth backdrops. My woodworker ended up designing and building a custom shelving unit that included 40 articulated bars for hanging fabric. Brilliant! And I was able to lay out the shelving to fit my specific props so everything has its own place.

Soft Blankets

My goal was for clients to be able to see and feel the blankets and backdrops freely, rather than having them folded or rolled up on shelves. Success! I love trailing my fingers across the soft fabrics as I walk by.

This is my dream family photography studio, and I am grateful for it every day. It makes me smile just to walk in the door!

Puts Everyone At Ease

“Rebecca has a wonderful professionalism and demeanor. She puts everyone at ease and does her job with the utmost care. The quality of her finished products is astounding and I’m always happy when I have an opportunity to work with her.”



A fully-stocked studio with everything at my fingertips helps sessions go quickly and easily, with great results. I’ve worked hard to create the best environment I can imagine, so that I can do my best work and deliver truly stunning portraits (although I am also happy to come to your home). It’s all part of being a full-service photographer. See the “About Me” page to find out what else makes me different.