Pay a simple session fee to start ($150 for family, $300 for newborn), then decide on products after you have chosen your favorite images.

Included with every session:

  • In-person or phone consultation
  • Pre-session support and wardrobe advice
  • Studio or in-home session, including props, accessories, and newborn outfits
  • Image retouching and live ordering session
  • Hand delivery of products and installation of wall art

*** Digital files are not included as part of the session fee, but are available for purchase



"I appreciate the time you took

to sit with me while I looked through all the pictures. You let me know what my choices are and didn’t pressure me or rush me into any decisions.”
~ Michele

During our consultation, you will have the opportunity to review a complete price list as well as product samples.
Most clients plan to spend around $1500 on their portraits.

Starting at $399

Starting at $799

Starting at $649

Starting at $649


Belly to Baby

Save on session fees by adding a Maternity session to your Newborn session for just $100 - that's $400 for both!

Baby's First Year

Pre-book a year of portrait sessions to receive a discount. Plus a complimentary DVD highlights montage for your little one’s first birthday party!

Choose Your Milestones:

Smiling • Pushing Up • Sitting • Crawling • Standing • Walking

  • 6 Milestones $700
  • 5 Milestones $650
  • 4 Milestones $525
  • 3 Milestones $400

Grow With Me

After baby’s first birthday, book another session for that child within 12 months of your last paid session, and I will waive the session fee! Plus, as long as you return each year, I will continue waiving the fee.

Never pay session fees again!


Package price must be paid in full upon first booking. Sliding scale pricing for digital files is based on per-session purchase. Baby’s First Year Montage will be composed of images already purchased throughout the year, and will be designed at photographer’s discretion. Delivery date will depend on session schedules and client cooperation. Each product purchase (wall art, album, or tabletop display) will be accompanied by six Lustre prints, up to 5×7″ in size, of the corresponding image. In the case of multi-image products, client may choose 1 image from the images included in that product. Offer valid for up to 25 product purchases per session. Milestone sessions must take place before baby’s second birthday. Grow With Me Waived session fee is not transferable to other children or adults. Session must be booked and paid for within 12 months, but actual session may take place up to 15 months after previous session. Mini-sessions and other special events are not eligible for this promotion. This promotion may be modified or discontinued without notice.

Puts Everyone At Ease

“Rebecca has a wonderful professionalism and demeanor. She puts everyone at ease and does her job with the utmost care. The quality of her finished products is astounding and I’m always happy when I have an opportunity to work with her.”



There are those who argue the word “investment” should be reserved for items that gain in value over time. However, I believe family portraits do gain in value over time. You can never go back and capture them again, and the older they are, the more precious those memories become. Invest now, and invest with someone you can trust. See the “About Me” page to find out what makes me different. 

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