A La Carte Albums & Slideshows

How long have you been meaning to “do something” with the thousands of photos on your computer, or your phone? Maybe you planned to make an album but got busy – or maybe you’d rather be out making new memories than documenting them. And now those photos are gathering metaphorical dust! I can get them off your computer – AND your To-Do list. Hand me your photos, and I’ll hand you a finished album.

Memories on your


Not Your


Custom Albums

  • Already have a hard drive full of cool photos, plus the best intentions to get them into an album “someday”? Today is the day!
  • You send me your photos, I send you a printed photo book with a custom album design. Yes, like Shutterfly, but much nicer, trust me.
  • My classic a la carte client is a bride who got married 3-4 years ago, and has nothing but a dusty DVD of JPGs to show for it. Let me make you the wedding album you deserve!
Wedding Album - Tell Your Love Story

Maybe you planned on making an album yourself, in your “free time”. Maybe you couldn’t afford the album in your photographer’s package. Maybe you didn’t have an official photographer at all, and felt overwhelmed trying to put together all the snapshots people sent you.

Now it’s months (years?) later and your gorgeous wedding photos are sitting on your computer (perhaps Facebook if you were feeling motivated). Come on – you deserve better. This may be the best you look in your entire life! Just kidding, you get more attractive every day.

But just in case, maybe you should finally order an album of your wedding photos.

Family Album - Make Your Memories Tangible

We take more photos than ever these days, but the vast majority of them will never see the light of day – just the light of a screen.  Is your laptop packed with files lovingly titled “IMG_3265”?  Does your phone repeatedly pester you that it can’t perform a backup until you delete some photos?  That’s no way to live, my friend.  Send your pics to me, and I’ll create a beautiful album you can hand down to your kids someday.

Baby Book - Baby's First Year

I bet you have been very careful to photograph all of your baby’s firsts. The joys of technology! A camera in everyone’s pocket! Maybe you even took those adorable “monthly” photos using stickers on onesies. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses a hard drive, though. Keep your photos safe and tell your baby’s story in a modern, long-lasting way. I’ll take your pictures and your journal entries and turn them into a keepsake your child will treasure forever.
Well, maybe not during their teen years, but they should come back around.

Wedding Guestbook - More Than A List of Names

Who wants a boring list of names? I’ll make you a yearbook-style guestbook full of photos and space to write memories. Your guests can reminisce over your adorable toddler self, or just make fun of your hair in 8th grade. Depends on whom you’re inviting, really.  Either way, you’ll end up with a book you will actually enjoy reading some day!

Well, maybe not during their teen years, but they should come back around.

Travel Album - Relive the Adventure

Did you take a totally awesome trip and come back with a memory card full of fun?  Let me turn that into a totally awesome album for you.  Whether you keep the book for yourself or gift it to your travel buddy, it will hold the memories of a lifetime.

Old Family Photos - Bring Them to Light

Where are your old family photos kept?  Grandma’s closet?  Shoebox in the garage?  If you’re lucky, they might even be in an antique album with acidic pages slowly eating away at your precious photographs – oops.   Order an Old Family Photos album and halt that march of time – make sure those pictures are available for future generations.  With unlimited copies for purchase, you don’t have to fight over who gets the only existing photos of your great-great-grandparents.  Everyone deserves a copy of their family story.

Well, maybe not during their teen years, but they should come back around.

Custom Slideshows

  • Looking for a unique touch to take your celebration to the next level? Send me your photos and video clips, and I’ll design you an amazing slideshow that will keep your guests talking for years.
  • Birthday parties, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners – these events are crying out for a montage. But, like, an AMAZING montage, so please step away from the PowerPoint.
  • It will make your mom cry (in the good way). I don’t offer an actual money-back guarantee of tears, but I do have a 100% success rate so far. Just saying.
Reception Slideshow - The Ultimate "How We Met" story

You want a killer slideshow for your wedding cocktail hour. A slideshow that puts other slideshows to shame. I bet the word “slideshow” gives you awful flashbacks to boring work presentations, right? I use pro software actually designed to make artistic montages, and it shows. Custom slide styles and transitions turn your static photos into a dynamic flow, telling your “How We Met” story with style – nothing cheesy about it.  Send me your childhood photos and videos, and I’ll send you a slideshow that brings tears to your mother’s eyes (just wait until you present her with her own copy!).

Birthday Slideshow - This Is Your Life

What could be more awesome for a birthday boy or girl than a movie about their life?  Send me everything, from baby pics to wedding videos, and I will create an awesome montage to honor your loved one.  Whether it’s your daughter’s first birthday party or your father’s 70th, this one-of-a-kind slideshow will wow your guests with style.  You’ll be hearing about it for years!

Memorial Slideshow - Honoring a Memory

It is impossible to sum up a human life, but we do our best when planning a funeral.  Many people look for a slideshow to celebrate their loved one, something that recognizes the amazing life that has just passed.  I would be honored to create an In Memorium slideshow for you, as quickly as you need it.

Beautiful, Warm and Peaceful

“The studio itself is beautiful, warm and peaceful. All the props, outfits and accessories you could want for a photo are available and kept meticulously clean.”
~ Norah


Now you’ve seen the images in my portfolio, and what they look like when finished in albums, displays, and wall art. Next, take a peek behind the scenes and see where the magic happens.