I am overjoyed to announce that my portraits have won several awards this year! This is the first time I have created images for the express purpose of entering competitions, and I have learned so much. Here are my results from the 2020 RISE International Photography Awards:


Earning a Silver Award in this competition means so much to me. It is an enormous honor, and to have won TWO is more than I could have hoped for!

This portrait about the network of support for a Deaf baby is so meaningful for me, and I am delighted that it did so well. You can read more about it here!

This is actually a portrait of my own daughter! I’ve been a martial artist since the age of 13, and my husband designed and built this amazing display to honor my work. My eldest daughter has studied for two years, and my youngest is still waiting to be old enough for her first class. She is wearing big sister’s karate uniform here, gazing up and dreaming.

Bronze Awards

I earned Bronze awards for my images of Heike, the Olympic hopeful with a Sword of Damocles hanging over her, and of Adah, the heart transplant survivor living her “new life” to the fullest. “Teens” is a new category for me, so that was a fun twist.

I was thrilled to see these sister portraits of Brooklyn and Bailey earn Bronze awards. These girls have been through so much! You can read more about their stories here and here.

To see the rest of the portraits, look at my Storytelling Series.

I am so grateful for the love and support of my family and friends as I pursued this dream of winning Silver. Next up … Gold 🙂