Whenever I have clients with multiple children, their priority is always to finally get a photo with all the kids looking and smiling at the camera at the same time. It’s incredibly difficult to get both kids to smile in the same photo on your own, especially with a smartphone (which is slower than a pro camera). But it’s not just about the equipment, or even the skill – sometimes it’s about cheating!

Get Both Kids to Smile Through the Wonder of Technology

That’s right, we professional photographers often “cheat” in order to create that perfect portrait. We use editing software like Photoshop to combine multiple images into one final shot. Of course, I attempt to capture perfect photos from the start, but I know I have this trick in my back pocket if that doesn’t happen.

Sometimes it even takes more than two images, if I’m shooting a big group photo. I think my record was 9 images merged into 1, for a group of 52 people!

The combined photo is called a “composite“, and it’s a technique that is also used to create portraits that would otherwise be unsafe, like the “froggy” pose in newborn photography. Just one more reason to hire a professional for your next family photo! Reach out and get the ball rolling for yours.