Weekly Pregnancy Photos

Weekly baby bump photos are an awesome way to document the many changes your body goes through during pregnancy. Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you have come, since you see yourself in the mirror every day. But a photo from a few weeks ago can open your eyes to how much your little one has been growing!

What are Weekly Baby Bump Photos?

“Baby bump photos” highlight how a baby’s growth is changing the silhouette of the mother – that is, how her belly gets bigger and bigger! When you take them on a regular schedule, it makes it easier to compare them over time.

Do they have to be weekly?

Nope, monthly is also great. Just make sure you are regular about it! Add it to the calendar. It seems easy to remember now, when pregnancy is fresh and new and exciting, but you’re going to get pretty busy later on.

Tips for Weekly Baby Bump Photos

1. If you have a partner, recruit them as photographer.

You can certainly take selfie photos in the mirror, but the angle will be more flattering and more complete if you have help.

2. Choose a pose and stick with it.

Turn to the side, so the belly will really show. Pop that front leg for a good S-curve, and hold your hands under your belly if you are wearing something loose and flowy (once you get far enough along).

Tips for Weekly Baby Bump Photos

See how much of a difference it makes to hold your dress under your belly?

Tips for Weekly Baby Bump Photos

Don’t do this! These are from my first pregnancy, many moons ago, and I was not consistent about time of day, so the lighting is all wacky, week to week.

3. Pick the same location every time.

If possible, include an object in the background (like a light switch) so the photographer can line up the camera in the same way every time.

4. Find open, natural lighting if you can.

Choose a wall facing a set of windows, so you can get as much light as possible on you. Or, plan to turn on the same lamp every time for consistency.

And pick your time of day! Be realistic about how busy your mornings are (ahem) and consider afternoon or evening. Remember that sunset gets earlier in winter!

5. Decide on wardrobe.

Yes, wearing the same shirt every time can make for a visually pleasing collage at the end. But it will also  make it more of a pain in the butt to take the photo if you have to change clothes every time (and maybe lead you to procrastinate and even skip it). Give yourself a break and just wear whatever you are wearing that day.

6. Have fun with it!

Morning sickness got you down? You don’t have to smile if you don’t want to! I took two photos sometimes, one for the photo book and one for real.

My photos in Month 2 were … illustrative.

7. A “bad” photo is better than no photo.

On vacation? Bad hair day? Forgot the pose? Take that week’s photo anyway, where you are, as you are. You will want these memories later.

Maternity Portraits are a Great Complement to Weekly Baby Bump Photos

Weekly photos are wonderful at showing change over time, but maternity portraits are key for celebrating your pregnancy as a whole. You get to dress up and look your best, and document relationships with partners or families. Reach out now for a free phone call to discuss the perfect maternity portraits for you!