I am delighted to announce that I have been accepted as a vendor for Craft My Wedding 2015!  It’s happening Sunday, April 19th in Somerville, Massachusetts (which is near Boston).  This wedding event focuses on local small businesses and handmade crafts.  The founder was inspired after vending at so many mainstream fairs next to booths for huge corporate chains.

“I’ve had multiple brides at these shows ask me if “you guys” could do this or that, to which I reply, “it’s only me, this is my company.”

The website describes it as “a fair, a marketplace, a bizarre, a performance venue, and more!”  Not just vendor booths, but workshops, demonstrations, performances, raffles, games, and tasty food.  I would be looking forward to it even as an attendee, but I am especially excited to have the chance to connect with brides and grooms in person.  Come out and meet me if you’re in the area, or just share this post to boost the signal for the wedding planners in your life 🙂