Do Good Diaper Service

When Peter and Kathy were new parents searching for a cloth diaper service in the Twin Cities, they came up empty. They figured they weren’t the only ones stuck in this situation, so they decided to take action. The Do Good Diaper Service was born!

From the start, their goal was to make cloth diapers easy, affordable, and convenient. The assumption that cloth diapering is hard is one of the biggest misconceptions in their industry. “Cloth diapers are easy!” explains Peter. “And even easier when we do the laundry for parents.”

“Families can get all the health and environmental benefits from cloth diapers without all the dirty work. Check out our Cloth Diaper 101 classes and learn how easy they can be!”

Why Cloth Diapers?

Some choose cloth diapering for environmental reasons. “Every year over 18,000,000,000 diapers are thrown into landfills. That is over 3.4 million tons of plastic, paper and tape filling up our landfills,” says Do Good.

“It takes up to 500 years for a single-use diaper to decompose. That means every disposable diaper ever made is still in a landfill somewhere!”

Others appreciate the cost savings of reusable diapers, which Do Good estimates can be $1,000-2,000 over a 3-year period. Many cloth diaper advocates describe how much more comfortable the 100% cotton diapers are for babies, and the reduced incidences of diaper rash compared to disposable diapers. Plus, potty training can be faster and easier when toddlers are able to sense the wetness and realize the cause.

How does a Diaper Service Work?

Ideally, you sign up about 4 weeks before your due date (although it’s never too late – even if you’re on your way to the hospital!). They will drop off your first delivery a couple weeks before you are due, and wait for you to let them know your little one has arrived.

“Once you start using the cloth diapers, simply place the dirty diaper in your pail – no shaking, soaking or dunking,” instructs Peter. “Let us do the dirty work!” Then once a week, you’ll set the bin of dirty diapers outside and a delivery person will swap it with a fresh set of clean diapers.

Prices start at $129 for a 4-week trial pack of supplies, and on-going service averages about $22/week. Do Good offers dozens of special packages and bonuses to help you save money (including a 1-month pass to Blooma!).

What Makes Do Good Different?

Do Good Diapers is actually the only RDIA accredited service in the Twin Cities. What does that mean? Their diapers are submitted to an independent lab to be tested for sanitation levels, bacteria, pH balance, and absorbency. To ace those tests, they use commercial equipment and an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution to wash each diaper a minimum of 7 times in 160-degree water.

Their central location is also an environmental benefit, they point out. “We are conveniently located in Minneapolis, which [lets us] quickly respond to client needs and minimize our environmental impact with travel.”

What’s Next?

“We are adding more retail items to help reduce the number of trips parents have to make to the store,” reports Peter. Nice! Anyone who has wrestled with an infant car seat knows that there is no such thing as a “quick trip to the store” anymore.

To find out more about Do Good Diapers, check out their website at, email [email protected], or give them a call at 612-990-2183.

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