BigFakeWeddingI am super excited to announce that I’ve been chosen as a vendor for the New England Big Fake Wedding!  Instead of a usual wedding fair, it’s actually a mock wedding.  A bride and groom renew their vows during the ceremony, and all the vendors actually perform their usual roles.  The “guests” are future brides and grooms, who get to see everyone in action and in context.  It sounds amazing!  Honestly, I’m excited just to attend 🙂

I will be creating a guest book and reception slideshow for the couple.  As vendors, we receive “inspiration boards” with the wedding’s themes, so I am eager to play with some new design ideas.

If you are a future bride or groom and would like to attend the Boston event (it’s actually in Topsfield), email me!  I get to give out “Golden Tickets”, which are vouchers for 2 free tickets (normally $25).