It’s hard to explain how important Kelly Brown is in the world of newborn photography. When I tell people I had an in-person workshop with her this weekend, they smile vaguely and say, “Oh, cool.”  But this is KELLY BROWN. She is globally known, and travels around the world sharing her wisdom and experience. Her list of international awards is ridiculous. She has been my idol since I started in this industry.

She is the Oprah Winfrey of lifestyle gurus.  She is the Tom Hanks of Oscar bait movies. SHE IS THE BEYONCE OF EVERYTHING.

So, this is me with the most well-known newborn photographer in the world, trying to maintain my cool. Assuming I had any cool to begin with, that is.


So, I got to meet the Queen B(rown) this weekend. Hurricane Irma tried her best to cancel everything, but we persisted. There were just a dozen of us in the room, so it was very hands-on, and I absorbed everything possible from every moment. I have taken her online courses before, but nothing compares to see her magic in person. At one point, I was framing a shot and she reached over to tilt my camera ever so slightly, shifting from a pretty image to a WOW portrait. Amazing! I also got to photograph newborn twins for the first time – more wow! I will be sharing some of my edited portraits from the workshop in the coming days.

In-person workshops are an amazing way to grow my craft and keep improving all the time. They are a great thing to look for when choosing a newborn photographer! I am newly inspired, and can’t wait to put new insights into practice. See you in the studio!