A colleague at Texas Art Portraits recently shared some images of a canvas wrap she ordered from a low-end supplier. Yikes! The entire structure is made from flimsy cardboard. No wonder people have reported these canvases warping and falling apart within months.


I adore my canvas art supplier. I visited their headquarters personally and saw the care with which their artisans worked. They create each wrap by hand, using strong poplar wood and wire hangers. Even the weight of them in your hands tells you the quality. The Fine Art canvas is covered with a protective matte laminate that safeguards against scuffs, scratches, cracking, and UV light. The matte lends a gorgeous, high-end aesthetic to the whole piece. Beautiful!
Canvas structure

Sometimes people wonder whether they should get framed prints instead of canvas, so they can change the prints out as their children grow. There is merit to that, but I often choose canvas for my family. When I purchase “regular” art (paintings or drawings), I never do so with a plan to hang it for the rest of my life! It is the art I want to surround myself with for now, no matter where I move it in the future. These family canvases are what I want to see as I walk down my stairs every morning. Even as my children grow, I want to remember them this little (plus, I suspect they may find a home at Grandma’s house someday!).

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