Plymouth Workshop - Take Better Photos of your KidsDo you struggle with getting good pics of your children? Chances are, just a few simple adjustments could help you take better photos of your kids, without investing in expensive cameras or lighting.

Join me for an informal photography workshop this weekend, and pick up some tips on improving everyday photos of your children! I will go over some general do’s & don’ts with examples and then make myself available for individual questions. Bring your camera along to get some guided practice, or ask me how to turn off that dang flash! No fancy camera needed – 90% of these tips work for smartphones as well.

The workshop will be held Saturday, January 20, from 1-3pm, in western Plymouth. This is a private event for members of Plymouth MN Mamas, a Facebook group I founded with a friend of mine. Feel free to join the group and RSVP to the workshop! Otherwise, email me at [email protected] to get the address and other details. There is no charge for this workshop – I am simply helping out some local moms.

Do you have specific questions or photography challenges you want to make sure I talk about? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

** This is the same workshop I held in the fall, but you are welcome to come again and show off your new skills! **